Why Foster?

Foster a future…..foster a child

♥ Hundreds of children live in licensed foster care due to abuse and neglect.

♥ Many are separated from their siblings due to a shortage of foster homes.

♥ Many have special needs due to the nature of their abuse and neglect.

♥ Many eventually go home…..others won’t.

♥ These children need someone to adopt them….they need a “forever family.”

Open your heart…. Imagine being taken away from your home, not knowing where you will go, leaving behind your favorite things…..now imagine this through the eyes of a child.

Open your home….. Our children need homes that provide security, stability, and unconditional love.  They need foster parents who are patient,consistent, and committed.

To foster a child you need to….. 

♥ Be 21 years old or older

♥ Have stable, appropriate housing

♥ Be able to pass a background check along with all other adults in your home

♥ Complete 30-hours of special training called MAPP and have a home study done

♥ Have adequate space….a bed for each child who you will foster or adopt

♥ Be able to provide for your family now….you will receive financial assistance to help meet the child’s basic needs, but you can’t relay on this to pay your mortgage or bills

♥ Commit to a child in need and be part of Eckerd Kids

Open the possibilities

Kids need you to…..

♥ Share their dreams

♥ Help them reach the stars

♥ Answer their questions

♥ Show them who they can be

♥ Help build their confidence

♥ Love them unconditionally

♥ Be there when they fall

2016 Pasco County Orientation Schedule

Q: What do I do if I am interested in becoming a Foster Parent in Pinellas or Pasco County?

A: Eckerd Community Alternatives is the CBC (Community Based Care) provider for Pinellas and Pasco Counties. If you live in Pinellas or Pasco county, you will need to contact Eckerd Kids by calling the Foster/Adoptive Parent Toll Free Recruitment Line at 1-866-233-0790.

A: If you live outside of Pinellas or Pasco County, please go to:  http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/fostercare/ and search for the CBC that covers your county.

Eckerd Pasco and Pinellas County – www.eckerd.org/programs-services/system-of-care-management/eckerd-community-alternatives-pasco-pinellas/foster/

When you open your heart and home to foster or adopt children, you open the possibilities for them.  You Foster Hope!!